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“Ethical Politics” began as a somewhat intellectual discussion group around fundamental questions of radical politics, principles of justice, subjectivity, and normative and moral-psychological aspects affecting public political discourse and action. This archive contains some documents generated by those discussions.


Reports from Iran, by Shiva Tabari

Ethical Politics and Alliance Politics

Andy Blunden's Home Page
Andy Blunden's Writings
For Ethical Politics, Andy Blunden 2003
The Blackwood Group Discussions, 2001
Hegel Seminars, 1998 - 2007
Articles on Hegel, by Andy Blunden
Social Justice & Cultural Recognition, February 2005
Postmodern conservatism, February 2006
The Roots of Critical Theory – Resisting Neoconservatism Today, February 2007
Collaborative Learning Spaces and Classroom Design
Reviews of various authors, by Andy Blunden

Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Notes on perezhivanie
Articles on Vygotsky, by Andy Blunden
Conversations on perezhivanie
The Playworld Project and Perezhivanie, Beth Ferholt and Monica Nillson
The Genealogy of CHAT (diagram)
Concepts and Origins of CHAT
The Concepts of CHAT, Summer School, University of Melbourne 2015

Copied Documents

Patterns of Intersubjective Recognition: Love, Rights, and Solidarity, by Axel Honneth
From Redistribution to Recognition? Dilemmas of Justice in a “Postsocialist” Age, by Nancy Fraser
Reclaiming the Commons, by Naomi Klein
From addiction to self-governance, by Anja Koski-Jännes
Sacred Matter, by David Suzuki
Enjoy Your Zizek!, by Robert S. Boynton
Welcome to the Desert of the Real!, by Slavoj Zizek
The Way We Live Now, by Cyril Smith
Marx's Critique of Hegel, by Cyril Smith

Seminar Talks

The Young Horkheimer, by Matt Sharpe
The science of fundamentalism, by Justin Clemens
Points made in discussion, by Mick Leahy
The Closing of the Australian Mind?, by Matthew Sharpe
Surf shops and cult wars, by Andrew Vandenberg
Howard's Triumvirate, by Julie Connolly
Master Slave Relationship in Hegel's Dialectic, by Muhammad Kamal
Contradiction: East and West, by Colin McNaughton
Radical change in the era of the perpetual present, by George Vassilacopoulos and Toula Nicolacopoulos
Hegel and Labour, by Paul Ashton
Ethical Politics and Money, by Anitra Nelson
Money and Social Justice, by Anitra Nelson
Money and Social Justice. Notes, by Anitra Nelson
Why Hegel Now, by Paul Ashton
Hegel's Concept of Property, by Neli Nanovska
Marx's Reply to the Post-Marxists, by Davie MacLean
Introduction to Hegel, by Paul Ashton
Hegel, Zizek & Substance As Subject, by Davie MacLean
Hegel's Ethics, by Paul Ashton
The Influence of Hegel on Western Marxism, by Davie MacLean
On the significance of distinguishing ontology and epistemology, by Neville Spencer
The Johnston Forest Tendency in the the US, by Andrew Anderson
Some questions about Ethics and Organisations, by Fiona Clyne, Roger Wook
Who Cares? Disability, Ethics and Caring, by John Foster
Listserv discussion on the Vygotsky School

Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?
Preliminary Commentary by Andy Blunden
Talk by Albert Langer, at 'Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?'
Talk by John Rundle, at 'Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?'
Talk by Anitra Nelson, at 'Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?'
Talk by Gabriel Lafitte, at 'Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?'
Exchange between speakers
Closing Remarks, at 'Couldn't We Live Perfectly Well Without Money?'