Andy Blunden’s Writings on Vygotsky and Activity Theory

All texts listed on this page are authored by Andy Blunden and may be freely reproduced in any format provided only that the author is attributed. The author retains rights to distribute the material notwithstanding any claim by others, as per the Creative Commons licence.

45. Activity Theory. A critical overview, June 2023
44. Agency in Cultural Historical Activity Theory, February 2023
43. What constitutes “an activity”?, January 2022
42. The Life-cycle of a project, May 2021
41. The Hegelian Sources of Cultural Historical Activity Theory, August 2019
40. Vygotsky was mistaken about Determinism, Causality and Freedom, August 2018
39. Translating perezhivanie into English, for special issue of MCA, November 2016
38. The Germ Cell of Vygotsky’s Science, March 2015
37. The Concept of Object, September 2015
36. Fedor Vasilyuk’s Psychology of Life-projects, September 2015
35. Engeström’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
34. Leontyev’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
33. Tool and Sign in Vygotsky’s Development, March 2015
32. The Concepts of CHAT, video recordings of talks for MSCP presented January-February 2015
31. Vygotsky’s concept of the Ideal, and the Emergence of Nicaraguan Sign Language, December 2014
30. The Concepts of Activity Theory, MSCP Summer School, 22 January 2015-19 February 2015
The Germ Cell and the Unit of Analysis, June 2014
28. The Problem of the Environment. A Defence of Vygotsky, June 2014
27. Word Meaning is Important, June 2014
26. Vygotsky and Activity Theory, November 2013
25. Critical Reflections on Contemporary Sociocultural and Activity Issues, for ISCAR Newsletter, October 2012
24. Project as an Interdisciplinary Concept, September 2012
23. Concepts. Part 2, video interview with Anthony Barra January 2012
22. Concepts. Part 1, video interview with Anthony Barra January 2012
21. Concepts. A Critical Approach, 2010/2011
20. Vygotsky & the Concept of Consciousness, January 2011
19. Units and Motives in Activity Theory, January 2011
18. Vygotsky’s Theory of Child Development, January 2011
17. Interdisciplinary Concept of Activity, Sept 2010
16. Vygotsky on Concepts and Activity, August 2011
15. Vygotsky’s Concept of “Unit of Analysis”, December 2010
14. Vygotsky on the Development of Concepts,August 2011
13. Social Situation of Development and a Child’s Needs, review of Lydia Bozhovich on Vygotsky, August 2010
12. Notes on perezhivanie, June 2010
11. Criticisms of Vygotsky’s concept of Activity, December 2009
10. Vygotsky's view on Scientific and Everyday concepts, October 2009
9. When is a concept really a concept?, September 2009
8. Vygotsky’s Critique of Psychological Science, May 2009
7. From where did Vygotsky get his Hegelianism?, March 2009
6. An Interdisciplinary Concept of Activity, in Critical Social Studies. Outlines, September 2008
5. Vygotsky's Unfinished Theory of Child Development, for Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition , July 2008
4. The Development of the Idea of Gestalt, for Theory & Psychology, March 2008
3. Modernity, the Individual and the foundations of CHAT, for Mind, Culture and Activity, November 2006
2. The Vygotsky School, talk for Hegel Summer School, 23rd February 2001
1. Vygotsky and the Dialectical Method, 1997