Reviews of Various Writers by Andy Blunden

All texts listed on this page are authored by Andy Blunden and may be freely reproduced in any format provided only that the author is attributed. The author retains rights to distribute the material notwithstanding any claim by others, as per the Creative Commons licence, unless they have been published by another publisher already.

60. Spinoza in the history of Cultural Psychology and Activity Theory, November 2017
59. Review of "Heteromation and other stories of Computing and Capitalism", August 2017
58. Response to Heikki Ikäheimo on "Normative Essentialism", December 2016
57. Response to Simon Lumsden on Second Nature, December 2016
56. Virtue and Utopia, review of Benjamin Franks' Anarchism and the Virtues, August 2016
55. Capital through the Hegelian Looking-glass, March 2016
54. Anthony Giddens and Structuration, February 2016
53. Leontyev’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
52. Engeström’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
51. Fedor Vasilyuk’s Psychology of Life-projects, August 2015
50. On Jodi Dean’s “Society doesn’t exist”, March 2013
49. Review of Toward a Dialectic of Philosophy and Organization by Eugene Gogol, February 2013
48. The Fine Granules of History’s Sediment, review of Gary Fine, June 2012
47. Ludwig Wittgenstein and Concepts, March 2012
46. Andrew Jamison: the life and death of social movements, March 2012
45. Paulo Freire’s Intellectual Roots: Hegel, October 2011
44. Robert Brandom on Concepts, September 2011
43. Review of The Formation of Reason, by David Bakhurst, September 2011
42. Heidegger and the Philosophy of Property, April 2010
41. Psychology and the Zeitgeist, review of Jerome Kagan, January 2010
40. Social Situation of Development and a Child’s Needs, review of Lydia Bozhovich on Vygotsky, August 2010
39. The Psychology of Concepts, review of Cognitive Psychology on Concepts, July 2010.
38. Hutchins on Trobriand reasoning, June 2010
37. Review of Hegel and Mind. Rethinking Philosophical Psychology, by Richard Dien Winfield. November 2010
36. Critical Realism and Reality, Roy Bhaskar, November 2009
35. Ethics and why the Financial Crisis is insoluble, review of Toula Nicolacopoulos, January 2009
34. Social Movements, Science and History: A Response to Eugene Matusov, August 2008
33. Getting under the Skin of Liberalism, review of Toula Nicolacopoulos, August 2008
32. Social Movements, Science and History: A Response to Eugene Matusov, August 2008
31. Getting under the Skin of Liberalism, review of Toula Nicolacopoulos, August 2008
30. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Anti-Historicism and the Algerian War, May 2008
29. Hegel, Recognition and Intersubjectivity, a response to Robert R. Williams, May 2007
28. The Subject Matter of Hegel’s Logic, a response to Stephen Houlgate, March 2007
27. Louis Althusser’s Subjected Subject, February 2007
26. Wallerstein's Utopistics and Simplistics, September 2006
25. The Feeling Neurobiologist, a review of Antonio Damasio, August 2006
24. Free Will and the Analytical Mind, a review of John R Searle, July 2006
23. Critical Theory and Psychology, June 2006
22. C S Peirce: Semiosis, the Subject as Sign-Activity, March 2006
21. The Politics of Happiness, a response to Clive Hamilton, March 2006
20. Johann Fichte: The Subject as Activity, December 2005
19. The First Subject: Aristotle, October 2005
18. Foucault’s Discursive Subject, September 2005
17. Judith Butler’s Abstract General Subject, August 2005
16. Nancy Fraser’s Status model and the Identity model of Recognition, June 2005
15. Jean-Paul Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason, May 2005
14. The Poststructuralist Subject, review of Chris Weedon, April 2005
13. Review of Moshe Postone's Time, Labor, and social domination, March 2005
12. Pierre Bourdieu on Status, Class and Culture, May 2004
11. Mark Latham, Mass Capitalism and the Stakeholder Society April 2004
10. Nancy Fraser on Recognition and Redistribution, March 2004
9. Tony Vinson on Social Cohesion March 2004
8. Axel Honneth’s “Struggle for Recognition”, December 2003
7. Review: Fukuyama on Recognition and Trust, May 2003
6. Mark Latham: Review of Civilising Global Capital, May 2003
5. Review of Alasdair MacIntyre's Whose Justice? Which Rationality?, May 2003
4. Globalisation and its Managers: Review of several books on Globalisation, May 2003
3. Review of John Rawls’ Political Liberalism. March 2003
2. Review of Amartya Sen on well-being and critical voice, March 2003
1. Review of Lindsay Tanner’s Open Australia, March 2003