Andy Blunden on Hegel

These articles follow the development of broadly pragmatic interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy of Spirit,
which utilises Lev Vygotsky’s Cultural Historical Activity Theory to appropriate a non-metaphysical conception of Subjectivity consistent with Hegel’s conception of spirit as both Subject and Substance.

64. Hegel and Civil Disobedience, February 2022
63. As to the Question of System in Hegel, November 2021
62. Hegel on Cognition and the One, August 2021
61. Understanding Complex Processes, talk in Brazil, April 2021
60. Concrete Historicism as a Research Paradigm, June 2020
59. Ilyenkov and Hegel, June 2020
58. What is the difference between Hegel and Marx?, February 2020
57. The Hegelian Sources of Cultural Historical Activity Theory, August 2019
56. Mediation and Intention in Hegel’s Theory of Action, May 2019
55. Commentary on Hegel’s Antimetabole: “What is rational is real and what is real is rational”, June 2019
54. Hegel for Social Movements, June 2019
53. In what sense was Hegel an Idealist?, September 2018
52. The Meaning of 'Abstract' and 'Concrete' in Hegel and Marx, July 2018
51. Hegel on the State, June 2018
50. Hegel On Action, July 2017
49. Response to Heikki Ikäheimo on "Normative Essentialism", December 2016
48. Response to Simon Lumsden on Second Nature, December 2016
47. An Ontology of Social Life, November 2016
46. Hegel on Means and Ends, August 2016
45. Non-metaphysical Hegel, Sept 2016
44. Capital through the Hegelian Looking-glass, March 2016
43. Goethe, Hegel and Marx, July 2015
42. The Three Elements of the Concept in Hegel’s Logic, April 2014
41. Essence: Reflection, Appearance and Actuality, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, May 2013
40. Artefacts and Mediation, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
39. Projects and Concepts, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
38. An “Action”, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
37. The Critical Appropriation of Hegel, July 2011.
36. Hegel’s Psychology, December 2010
35. Hegel on Education. A selection of quotes from Hegel.
34. Review of Hegel and Mind. Rethinking Philosophical Psychology, by R. D. Winfield, November 2010
33. The Development of Concepts, November 2010
32. The Genesis of the Concept, December 2010
31. The Concept in Hegel’s Logic, August 2010
30. The Story of the Concept, August 2010
29. How Hegel put Goethe’s Urphänomen to Philosophical Use, for Hegel, Goethe and the Planet 2010
28. The Urphänomen and the Absolute, for Hegel and Religion, March 2010
27. Hegel and Activity, March 2009
26. Introduction to Hegel’s Logic, for Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, 7-11 July 2008
25. The Development of the Idea of Gestalt, for The Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition , San Diego
24. The Missing Mediation in Pragmatic Interpretations of Hegel for ASCP Conference, December 2007
23. Hegel: The first Cultural-Historical Psychologist (VIDEO) November 2007
22. The Missing Mediation in Pragmatic Interpretations of Hegel: VIDEO, December 2007
21. The Nature of Hegel’s Spirit, July 2007
20. The Young Hegel against Liberalism, June 2007
19. Hegel, Recognition and Intersubjectivity, a response to Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition, R. Williams, May 2007
18. Masters, Servants and Mediation, May 2007
17. Hegel and the Master-Servant Dialectic: Commentary on excerpts from Hegel, April 2007
16. Hegel on “state of nature”, April 2007
15. The Subject Matter of Hegel’s Logic, a response to An Introduction to Hegel by Stephen Houlgate March 2007
14. Hegel: The Subject as Self-consciousness, December 2005
13. Hegel: The Subject as Concept, December 2005
12. Hegel: The Idea of the Subject, December 2005
11. Subjectivity, Recognition and Objectification, Hegel Summer School, February 2005
10. Recognition, November 2004
 9. Solidarity, Recognition, Subjectivity and Mediation, Hegel Summer School, February 2004
 8. Hegel’s “System of Ethical Life”, 2003
 7. Towards a Critique of Alliance Politics, Hegel Summer School, February 2003
 6. Review of Fukuyama on Recognition and Trust, May 2003
 5. Getting to Know Hegel, talk at Hegel, Marx and Derrida, Hegel Summer School, February 2000
 4. The Encyclopedia
 3. The Historical Fate of Hegel’s Doctrine
 2. The Logic of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, Hegel Seminar, June 1999
 1. Meaning of Hegel’s Logic, for first Hegel Summer School, February 1998

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