Hegel Summer School 2006

“UnReason in Revolt”
Postmodern Conservatism

Friday 17th February 2006
9am-5pm University of Melbourne

A review of the social, historical and ideological bases of the four currents of conservative politics in this period. Conservatism is no longer a blind reaction to progress, but a highly self-conscious and differentiated complex of distinct social forces. Each of these currents will be analysed in two short presentations from different speakers, followed by discussion.

Speakers: Andy Blunden, Geoff Boucher, Lea Campbell, Justin Clemens,
Julie Connolly, Matthew Sharpe, and Andrew Vandenberg

9-9:30am: Welcome


9:30-11am Neo-Liberalism
All that is Solid Melts into Air, Andy Blunden Andy's audio
Lea Campbell Lea's audio

11-11:30am: Morning Break

11:30-1pm “Anyone for Culture Wars?”
The closing of the Australian mind?, Matthew Sharpe Matt's audio
Howard’s Triumvirate: marriage, mortgage and maternity, Julie Connolly Julie's audio

1-1:45pm: Lunch Break

1:45-3:15pm Neo-Fascism
Surf shops and cult wars, Andrew Vandenberg, Andrew's audio
Postmodern Neofascism: Contemporary Rightwing Extremism in the Metropolitan Countries, Geoff Boucher Geoff's audio

3:15-3:45pm: Afternoon Break

3:45-5:15pm Religious Fundamentalism
The science of fundamentalism: Justin Clemens Justin's audio
Postmodern Conservatism and Religious Fundamentalism: Geoff Boucher Geoff's audio


Points made in discussion by Mick Leahy

Preparatory Reading material:

11 Theses on Postmodern Conservatism, Matthew Sharpe and Geoff Boucher
What is Postmodernism?, Frederic Jameson,