Hegel Summer Schools: 1998-2011

The New Atheism: Just Another Dogma?, 12th February 2011
Hegel, Goethe and the Planet, 13th February 2010
Democracy: the new religion? Struggle, compromise and democratic faith, 19th-21st February 2009
Solidarity or Community?, 14th-16th February 2008
The Roots of Critical Theory – Resisting Neoconservatism Today, 16th and 17th February 2007
UnReason in Revolt. Postmodern Conservatism, 17th February 2006
Social Justice and Cultural Recognition, 18th February 2005
Hegel & Ethical Politics, 20th February 2004
Hegel & the Clash of Ideals, 21st February 2003
Hegel, Žižek & the “Spirit of the Times”, 22nd February 2002
Spirit, Money & Modernity, 23/24th February 2001
Hegel, Marx & Derrida, 18/19th February 2000
What is Dead & What is Alive in the Philosophy of Hegel, 18th June 1999
Value of Knowledge seminar, 19th February 1999
Hegel Today, 5th February 1999
Legacy of Hegel Seminar, 20th November 1998
Understanding Hegel's Logic, 20th February 1998