14th, 15th & 16th February 2008

Melbourne University

Fuelled by consumerism, individualism and corporate greed, the decline of social cohesion is a crucial problem of our time. Notions of collectivity and identity are central to how we orient ourselves to achieve social change.

Hegel Summer School 2008 takes on debates in critical philosophy around the meaning of solidarity and community, and the implications for social movements today.

Introduction Evening:
Thursday, 14th February

Andy Blunden: "Why Hegel Today?"

Meet the presenters and other participants, while easing yourself into the heavy theory with an introduction to the central ideas and concepts. What inspired presenters' topics? Informal and social, a chance to talk over dinner and drinks.

This event also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Hegel Summer School.

Day One: Friday, 15th February

Jean-Philippe Deranty: "Hegel's 3 Concepts of Solidarity"

Nicole Pepperell: "Fighting for What We Mean: Reflections on Marx's Appropriation of Hegel"

Day Two: Saturday, 16th February

Geoff Boucher: "Solidarity and the Differences of Others: Seyla Benhabib's alternative to the politics of exclusion"

Dr Julie Connolly and Dr Matt Sharpe: "Weaving the Threads"



School on 15th and 16th Feb
$60 waged
$30 low income / unwaged
$80 solidarity price


Or call: 0402 161 887

About Hegel Summer School

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HSS08 Readings

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We would like to thank the Melbourne University School of Graduate Research for their support with this event.

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