University of Melbourne Summer School 2003

Hegel & the Clash of Ideals

Friday 21st February 2003
Theatre D, Old Arts
9am-5pm $20/$8

Andy Blunden, George Vassilacopoulos, Toula Nicolacopoulos & Colin McNaughton

9am: Introduction and Welcome, Andy Blunden;
9:30am: Colin McNaughton: Contradiction: East and West. Can a bridge be built across difference to forge a new type of politics/spirit within the conditions of post-modernity?
Draft Text of Talk.

Preparatory Reading: Hegel's Science of Logic, Chapter One, pp.94 - 120. Gadamer, Hegel's Dialectic, 1971. Chapter Four on the Logic, pp.75 - 99. Wilde, L. Logic: Dialectic and Contradiction from T. Carver (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Marx, 1991, pp.275 - 295. Kazuaki Tanahashi(ed), Moon in a Dew drop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen, 1985. In particular the essays (i) actualizing the fundamental point (ii) time-being. Hee-Jin Kim, Dogen Kigen: Mystical Realist, 1985. Chapter Four 'The religion and Metaphysics of Buddha-Nature' pp.102 - 167.

11am: Morning break
11:30am: Andy Blunden: Towards a Critique of Alliance Politics. Hegel advised “it is of the utmost importance that the real universal should not be confused with what is merely held in common” and in his Logic gave us a description of how such a genuinely universal movement comes into being.
Draft Text of Talk.

Preparatory Reading: Hegel's Shorter Logic, Essence, and Getting to Know Hegel.

12:45pm: Lunch
1:30pm: George Vassilacopoulos & Toula Nicolacopoulos: Radical social transformation in the world of the perpetual present: “Modernity can no longer borrow the criteria by which it takes its orientation from the models supplied by another epoch; it has to create its normativity out of itself.” [Abstract]

Preparatory Reading: Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Abstract Right, Hegel's Science of Logic, The Disjunctive Syllogism, The Philosophy of History, The Course of World History.

3pm: Afternoon break
3:30pm: Panel discussion: Hegel & the Clash of Ideals.


Register with Andy Blunden on 9380 XXXX or by email

Colin McNaughton was one of the founders of Earthworker, a Melbourne based alliance between the union and environment movements. He is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University writing a thesis developing a dialogue between the revolutionary philosopher Karl Marx and 12th century Zen master, Eihio Dogen. George Vassilacopoulos & Toula Nicolacopoulos lecture in the Philosophy Program at Latrobe University and are generally recognised as the foremost teachers of Hegel in Australia. George and Toula are co-authors of Hegel and the Logical Structure of Love: An Essay on Sexualities, Family and the Law. Andy Blunden has convened the Hegel Summer Schools since 1998 and manages the Hegel-by-HyperText internet library. Andy is also a life-long union activist.