Andy Blunden 2011

Concepts, a Critical Approach


Part I. Concepts in Contemporary Psychology

Chapter 1. The Psychology of Concepts.
Chapter 2. Narratives and Metaphors.
Chapter 3. Conceptual Change and Linguistics.
Chapter 4. Robert Brandom on Concepts.
Chapter 5. Where we are now with Concepts.

Part II. Philosophy from Descartes To Hegel

Chapter 6. The Story of the Concept.
Chapter 7. The Concept in Hegel's Logic.
Chapter 8. The Genesis of the Concept.
Chapter 9. The Development of Concepts.
Chapter 10. Hegel's Psychology.

Part III. From Philosophy to Science

Chapter 11. The Critical Appropriation of Hegel.
Chapter 12. German Science, French Social Theory and American Pragmatism.

Part IV. Vygotsky

Chapter 13. Early Childhood Development and Experimental Concepts
Chapter 14. True concepts and Conscious Awareness
Chapter 15. Concepts and Activity

Part V. Conclusion

What a Concept is.