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On Units of Analysis and Germ cells in the history of dialectical science

Hegel on Cognition and the One
Understanding Complex Processes
The Unit of Analysis and Germ Cell in Hegel, Marx and Vygotsky,* August 2020
      Postscript to The Unit of Analysis and Germ Cell in Hegel, Marx and Vygotsky, August 2020
The Hegelian Sources of Cultural Historical Activity Theory, August 2019
The Germ Cell of Vygotsky’s Science, in Vygotsky and Marx: Toward a Marxist Psychology, March 2015
How can we grasp a process as a whole?, for Époque Conference, Ioannina, May 2015
Goethe, Hegel and Marx, for Science & Society, July 2015
The Germ Cell and the Unit of Analysis, June 2014
Commentary on Yrjö Engeström’s 7-step process of Concept Formation, in Mind, Culture and Activity, November 2012
The Urphänomen and the Absolute, for Hegel and Religion Conference, March 2010
Vygotsky’s Concept of “Unit of Analysis”, December 2010
How Hegel put Goethe’s Urphänomen to Philosophical Use, for Hegel, Goethe and the Planet, January 2010
Goethe’s Romantic Science, March 2009
An Interdisciplinary Concept of Activity, in Critical Social Studies. Outlines, September 2008
Vygotsky's Idea of Gestalt and its Origin, in Theory & Psychology, March 2008

Unit and Germ cell in a wider context

Concrete Historicism as a Research Paradigm, June 2020
Capital and the Ur-praxis of Socialism, February 2018
Hegel On Action, July 2017
Translating perezhivanie into English, for special issue of MCA, November 2016
Artefact-mediated Intersubjectivity for a Non-metaphysical Appropriation of Hegel, for Conference of Australian Hegel Soicety, Sept 2016
Capital through the Hegelian Looking-glass, March 2016
Leontyev’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
Engeström’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
Fedor Vasilyuk’s Psychology of Life-projects, August 2015
Goethe, Hegel and Marx, for Science & Society July 2015
The Concepts of CHAT, single PDF with PPT slides and links to reading and videos
Activity as Project. The Case of Asbestos, September 2014
Word Meaning is Important, June 2014
The Problem of the Environment. A Defence of Vygotsky, June 2014
Vygotsky and Activity Theory, November 2013
Project as an Interdisciplinary Concept, September 2012
Paulo Freire’s Intellectual Roots: Hegel, October 2011
Vygotsky on the Development of Concepts, August 2011
Units and Motives in Activity Theory, January 2011
Projects and the problem of Context, January 2011
Criticisms of Vygotsky’s concept of Activity, December 2009